Property Management


Management of Single Family Rental Properties for over 30 years.

Finding the right tenants for your rental property can seem daunting. Let Diversified Management Southern professionally assist to ensure your investment is protected. As a leading licensed property management brokerage in Alberta since 1984, Diversified Management Southern (DMS) employs leasing agents who are very familiar with our beautiful city and trained to help homeowners locate the perfect tenants. Diversified Management Southern offers a complete management program for any income generating property, including the following:

Establishment of Market Rental Rates

Current rental market rates are essential for owner protection and maximum rate of returns on investments. Unreasonable rental rates produce vacancies and losses.


Electronic advertising of your property to ensure maximum exposure and comprehensive photos of the rental, showcasing attractive features. Additional advertising as requested, including a yard sign and newspaper.

Tenant Selection

Not only do we actively search for tenants for your home, we ensure that all prospective tenants go through a complete screening process, to include reference checks, confirmation of employment/salary and credit reports. We strive to find suitable long-term tenants for your property – even if that ends up being 20 years!

Lease Agreements

Let us prepare your lease agreement to ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities and obligations avoiding future disputes.

Security Deposit & Rent Collection

Property security deposits are required before a tenant takes possession. We hold all security deposits in a separate “trust” account. Rent is collected as outlined in the lease agreement and in compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act, and other applicable legislation.


We complete a full interior and exterior inspection upon rental in order to generate an agreed upon maintenance schedule. We also schedule regular inspections of your property by the property manager.

Emergency Response

24 hour emergency call centre to ensure a manager is always available.

Accounting Services

We have an in-house accounting team to monitor all financials aspects of your property. Including monthly financial reporting, remittance of non-resident withholding tax and annual budget statements.